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Saturday, June 07, 2008

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# cat /etc/debian_version

cPanel VPS = Coming to a Server Near You!

Tue, 15 Apr 2008 10:00:19 +0000
The king of control panels (cPanel) says soon that there will be a new prince in their kingdom. The most popular web hosting control panel out there today has announced that they will be releasing a new VPS optimized cPanel. Now news yet if it will get a new name, but it should ...]

Web Hosting Mergers and Acquisitions - January 2008

Fri, 08 Feb 2008 09:54:00 -0400

January was a bit slow --- this is often the case as firms often try to close transactions by the end of the year.

Sunnyvale, CA -- Network Appliance, Inc. NetApp (NASDAQ:NTAP) completed the acquisition of Boston based Onaro, a datacenter automation solution company in a $120 million transaction. It is reported that backers put about $9.5 million in Onaro, which looks like a great return.

Las Vegas NV-- Dialpoint Communications Corporation (OTCBB: DLPC), acquired the assets of South Carolina based Dialpoint issued 333,334 shares --- a deal which in another blog I noted was worth $50k in an all stock transaction.

Niagara Falls, ON - Canadian based Vision Online Network was acquired by Deli India based Real Value Hosting. Vision Online Network specializes in Windows based web hosting.

Duluth, GA - Ralph Smith's Fat Jack Hosting Acquired, a proxy website host. is based at an undisclosed location.

Dallas, TX – Affiliated Computer Services, Inc has acquired Syan for approximately $60 million. Syan’s trailing twelve-months revenue was approximately $75 million. The transaction was funded by existing cash on hand. Syan has several large data centers in the UK.

Tempe, AZ - Greenstreet Real Estate Partners acquired the Tempe One (Tempe, AZ) data and call center for $30.3 million.

Edmonton, AB, Canada – California upstart Enacten acquired all of the shares of Edmonton based Alentus Corporation in an all cash transaction. Alentus provides dedicated/managed and shared hosting services. New Commerce Communications (this blogger) represented Alentus in the transaction.

Pittsford, NY - Spider Graphics Corporation and ITX, a web technology and hosting firm merged. The new name is Spider ITX, very creative.

Overland Park, KS - Erickson Solutions Group has bought the client base of Nothing But Net a company that concentrates on Web and e-mail hosting. Hopefully the acquisition will help the Erickson corporate website.

Raleigh, NC - Hosted Solutions has acquired a new data facility, it's second in Charlotte, NC. The site adds 7,600 square feet of floor space.

Obviously not all inclusive - but from the NCC files.

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Bluehost review after 14 months hosted

Sat, 05 Apr 2008 19:15:14 +0000
This bluehost review site had been hosted with bluehost web hosting since 14 months ago. Over this 14 months of bluehost reviews, i had posted over 85 review articles and covering most of bluehost hosting features, bluehost uptime, bluehost server speed test, bluehost support, and anything else
This is my personal bluehost hosted site, ...]

My Portuguese is rough - But I like UOL

Thu, 06 Mar 2008 14:43:00 -0400

Last week Universo Online S.A. (UOL) acquired the "clients" of web hosting company Digiweb, also of Sao Paulo, Brazil. In November, UOL also acquired the web hosting "clients" of Plug In another Brazilian firm.

The importance: UOL is now the third-largest provider of web-hosting services company in Brazil.

UOL did not mention the "third largest" part after the Plug In acquisition --- letting me believe that Digiweb was a fairly large deal.

I check out UOL - Basically an Internet/media powerhouse. They are vertical, horizontal, diagonal and the karma sutra all rolled into one. You really have to read the corporate bio --- Brazilian portal with 1.4 billion page-views a month, 1.7 million content paying subscribers, 1 million broadband customers…and now the THIRD LARGEST web hosting company in Brazil (Which I may add has a population of 184 million).

They want to collect the tolls on the electronic highway...including all entrances and exits. Someone has to collect.

The UOL financials…some great info…

  • My favorite part: "The Company had no outstanding loans or financings at the end of the 4Q07". (Same position as Microsoft)
  • They have a lot of cash - $284 million USD.
  • 2007 EBITDA - $91.8 million USD - a fantastic 29% of net revenues.

The largest shareholder (41%) is the San Palo newspaper owner Folhapar.

UOL stock has dropped some 60% in the past 12 months...but the one thing I know about newspapers, they are long term players with long term visions.

And the movie Brazil...

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